Matchplay is one of the key elements that helps juniors develop their tennis. The Orange Ball is aimed at kids aged 6-9 years old. Players can sustain a rally of 20 balls on a smaller modified court and should serve to play groundstrokes volleys. At this level, players should soon be ready to play fixtures.

Junior players are looking to practice what they have learned during coaching and take their tennis more seriously. The size of the orange ball is 7-8cm in diameter and has a rebound height of 105-120cm. It is played on a court measured 58-60ft (17.68-18.29m) x 20-27ft (6.1-8.23m).

The recommended racket sizes for Orange (Stage 2) are 23-25 inches (58.4-63.5cm). The net height can be 31.5-36” (0.8-0.914m) high at the center for Red, 0.114m lower than the full court net.

Materials Required

  • Qualified Tennis Coach
  • 4 min – 6 max Players
  • Tennis Rackets (23-25 Inches)
  • Orange Balls
  • Net height 0.8-0.914m lower than the regular tennis net
  • Mini Tennis Court (17.68-18.29m)

For players who are busy in other activities and also wants to learn tennis

8 hours/month


For players who are passionate in tennis and wants to become tournament tennis players

12 hours/month