The Yellow ball is aimed for youngsters playing tournaments and high levels; these are players reached from Red, Orange & Green stages. Players will usually be ready to train and compete with the Yellow ball on the full tennis court. The yellow ball players fall into the advanced player’s category; they can rally and play points, games, and sets. At this level, the players’ primary focus is on fitness and intensive tennis drills. They refine their stokes techniques for tournament preparations by following the coach’s instructions and being more disciplined on the court to achieve good results. It is played on a court measuring 78ft (23.77m) x 27ft (8.23m).

The size of the Yellow ball is 6.54-6.86cm in diameter. The recommended racket sizes for Yellow (Stage 1) are 26-29 inches (66-73.7cm). The net height can be 36″ (0.914m) high at the center for Yellow, the same height as the full court net.


Materials Required

  • Qualified Tennis Coach
  • 4 min – 6 max Players
  • Tennis Rackets (23-25 Inches)
  • Yellow Balls
  • Net height 0.8-0.914m lower than the regular tennis net
  • Mini Tennis Court (17.68-18.29m)

For players who are busy in other activities and also wants to learn tennis

8 hours/month


For players who are passionate in tennis and wants to become tournament tennis players

12 hours/month